Are you experiencing the paradoxes of depression and anxiety? By that, we mean, do you feel:

  • bored, but there’s a million things on your to do list and don’t want to do anything
  • exhausted, but feeling restless and can’t sleep
  • lonely but the idea of engaging in social interactions feels overwhelming

If so, let us help.

At South Jersey Mental Health, we are dedicated to improving the quality of your life.

OurĀ approach to therapy and assessments is strength based and grounded in a collaborative relationship. Individuals are encouraged to develop their own insights and solutions by becoming aware of counterproductive patterns in their thinking and behaviors. We integrate cognitive-behavioral interventions with mindfulness and acceptance strategies.

We strongly believe in the power of people to change when they are ready, willing, and able. Our view of therapy stems from the fundamental idea that thoughts, emotions, and actions are inextricably linked and are affected by outside forces, such as one’s upbringing, culture, family, and society. Therefore, to facilitate change, we work with clients to examine these internal as well as external factors that contribute to distress and explore those which foster resilience to improve the quality of their lives.