Dr. Jiang (or Dr. J to many of her clients) is the founder of South Jersey Mental Health, LLC and a licensed psychologist in New Jersey. She received her doctorate in clinical psychology at Widener University’s Institute of Graduate Clinical Psychology. Her approach to therapy and assessments is strength based and grounded in a collaborative relationship. Individuals are encouraged to develop their own insights and solutions by becoming aware of counterproductive patterns in their thinking and behaviors. She often integrates cognitive-behavioral interventions with mindfulness and acceptance strategies.

Her past experiences consist of conducting individual, couples, and family therapy in outpatient clinics in both Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, working with clients from the age of 5 to 65. She strongly believes in the power of people to change when they are ready, willing, and able. Her approach to therapy stems from the fundamental idea that thoughts, emotions, and actions are inextricably linked and are affected by outside forces, such as one’s upbringing, culture, family, and society. Therefore, to facilitate change, she works with her clients to examine these internal as well as external factors that contribute to distress and explore those which foster resilience to improve the quality of their lives. She is especially passionate about working with individuals who endure anxiety and depression in their lives, particularly those who struggle with panic disorder, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, post traumatic stress, or major depression. In addition, she has extensive experience helping clients through difficult life transitions such as grief and traumatic loss and parenting issues.

In addition to therapy, Dr. Jiang has conducted psychoeducational and psychological evaluations to diagnose learning disabilities, identify cognitive impairments, clarify diagnoses, and/or provide treatment recommendations. She assessed youths in the  juvenile justice system for the state of Delaware as well as individuals in the law enforcement field in Pennsylvania.